About Trust

Satpath charitable trust is a Non-Profit organization, dedicated to providing services through medical and educational help to needy and poor people without without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.

Few friends having faith in, the teachings of Lord Mahavira and inspired by their Jain Muni Shri Bharatsagarji and blessed with active participation of Muni Bharatsagarji,launched dedicated humanitarian services to provide free medical treatment to the poor and motivate people to cultivate hygienic norms and simple skills to improve their health and educational level.

  • To establish institutions for the prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation of patients and other disabled persons.
  • To promote the educational,medical,economic and social advancement of indians in general and the Jains in particular.
  • To establish and maintain dispensaries, health centres and hospitals.
  • To establish and maintain projects for the benefit of the local community in the fields of health, nutrition,literacy and agriculture.
  • To establish educational institutions such as schools and colleges.
  • To establish and promote veterinary care programmes, establish and maintain shelters for stray animals, and promote humane treatment of animals.
  • To issue appeals and applications for money and funds in furtherance of stated objectives.